Skripsi Bahasa Inggris; Teaching Vocabulary Through Games To Elementary Students

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Background of the Study
Language is a means of communication. People can communicate with each other by using language. It brings idea, opinions, thoughts, and feelings. English is the first foreign language in Indonesia which is important to transfer and gain knowledge, science and technology, art and culture, and establish international relationship.

Pei quoted by H. Doughlas Brown explains “Language is a system of communication by sound, operating through the organ of speech and hearing among members of a given community and using vocal symbol possessing arbitrary conventional meaning.” It is clearly stated that language is used to communicate with each other by our organ of speech.

In Indonesia, English is regarded as the first foreign language. That is learned from Elementary School to University, even in kindergarten they have started to study English. It needs teacher skills. The teacher should be able to create an interesting method and technique in order to obtain a good result and avoid the student boredom.

Introducing a foreign language to children is challenging and is not as giving a toy to the crying child. It happens because children are unique in their characteristics and have a special way of learning a new thing. They acquire knowledge by asking, listening to people around them and also experienced things. Through these acquiring children develop their vocabulary.

Vocabulary is one important aspect in learning a foreign language. Without a proportional amount of vocabulary anyone will get trouble in her speaking, reading, listening, and writing. Without a shred of doubt, the writer said that the acquisition of vocabulary would help people in gaining, understanding, and also enhancing the process of knowledgeable transfered for a better life. Indisputably the chances for progress or success in any kind of fields, like computers, technology, economy, politics, tourism, and educational increase with the size and applications of vocabulary.


A. Vocabulary
In the past, vocabulary teaching and learning were often given little priority in second language programs, but recently there has been a renewed interest in the nature of vocabulary and its role in learning and teaching.

According to Kruse, vocabulary, like grammar is an essential component of all uses of language. She also adds:

“The skill needed to be able to guess the meaning of words from context, and discusses exercise that can be used to help students recognize prefixes, suffixes, and roots; read diagram and charts which may provides clues to the meaning of new vocabulary items; recognize definitions, infer meaning of words from context; and use grammatical clues to infer word meaning.”

Although vocabulary is the one that is emphasized, it does not mean other kinds of language components-grammar and pronunciation-are less important. All of these aspects are learned together, because they are attached one to another. Vocabulary is extremely large and also varies. Nobody ever learns all the words in any language, but they can enlarge the number of words they have. Larger vocabulary the students have can help them in many ways; students’ reading ability and writing ability will improve as they learn new words, and the more words they know the better their chance will be to do well on the vocabulary questions, in the school. Therefore, it is highly essential for English teacher to help their students in mastering vocabulary along with grammar and pronunciation.

1. The Meaning of Vocabulary
In some literature, we find the meaning of vocabulary. There are some definitions of vocabulary. According to Harimukti Kridalaksana, vocabulary is a component of a language that maintains all of information about meaning and using word in a language.

According to Webster’s Ninth collegiate dictionary, vocabulary is:
a. A list or collection of words and phrase usually alphabetically arranged and explained or defined.
b. A sum or stock of words employed by a language group individual or a work or in a field of knowledge.
c. A list or collection of terms or codes available for use.

While according to Roget, vocabulary is:
a. An alphabetical list of word often defined or translated; the vocabulary includes idioms and two word verbs.
b. All the words of language.
c. Specialized expressions indigenous to a particular field, subject, trade, or subculture.

From the definitions above, it shows that vocabulary is a component of language and number of words used by a person, class, profession, etc. In the communication and every aspect such as in trade, education, business, etc.

2. Kinds of Vocabulary
There are many classifications made by the experts in language area about the types of vocabulary. Djalinus Syah and Azimar Enong divide vocabulary into two parts, namely: general vocabulary and special vocabulary. The general vocabulary is the words that are used in general; there is no limited of field and user. Whereas special vocabulary, is the words that are used in the certain field or job, profession or special science and technology.

Jo Ann Aeborsold and Mary Lee Field classified vocabulary into: active and passive vocabulary.
a. Active vocabulary refers to put items which the learner can use appropriately in speaking or writing and it is also called as productive vocabulary, although, in fact, it is more difficult to put into practice. It means that to use the productive vocabulary, the students are supposed to know how to pronounce it well, they must know and be able to use grammar of the target language, they are also hoped the familiar with the collocation and understand the connotation meaning of the words, this type is often used in speaking and writing skill.
b. Passive vocabulary refers to language items that can be recognized and understood in the context of reading or listening, and also called as receptive vocabulary.

Passive vocabulary or comprehensions consist of the words comprehended by people, when they read or listen.

In the first level of a course, the active vocabulary is more prominent. But when the students in higher level of study such as intermediate or advanced level passive vocabulary is more useful.

From the explanation above, we know that every expert in every book is different in classifying the kinds of vocabulary, because every person has different ways in showing and telling their opinions and ideas. It means that vocabulary is containing of two kinds function and content words.

3. Teaching English Vocabulary
a. The Principles of Teaching Vocabulary
The writer has assumption to fit explanation on some principles of teaching vocabulary, there are:
1) The teaching of vocabulary should be based on the students’ ability.
2) The teaching of vocabulary should be suitable with student’s capability.
3) The words are taught from easiest to the difficult.

One of the principles that had been found useful in all methodological decisions is the principles of time effectiveness. The key in all, vocabulary teaching is to keep motivation high while encouraging students to develop strategies that they can continue to use once they leave the classroom.

According to the assumption above, explains that to know a word in a language as well as the native speakers knows it needs the ability to:
1. Recognize it in its spoken or written form.
2. Recall it will.
3. Relate it to an appropriate object or concept.
4. Use it in the appropriate grammatical form.
5. In speech, pronounce it in a recognizable way.
6. In writing spell it correctly
7. Use it with the words it correctly goes with i.e. in the correct collocation.
8. Use it at the appropriate level of formality.
9. Aware of its connotations and associations.

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